Wednesday, April 22, 2009

7 things about death I found here and there

  1. After you die, hearing is the last sense you'll lose – the first is usually sight, followed by taste, smell and touch.
  2. If you ever get decapitated, your head will remain conscious for 15 to 20 seconds,. You'll also feel very light, apparently. But people have strongly suggested that you not try this at home.
  3. Three days after you're dead, the enzymes that once digested the food you ate, start to digest you! You become food to the bacteria that once aided digestions. And you bloat because of all the noxious gases they release in the process of digesting you.
  4. People dig up bones of dead relatives once a year and dance with them in Madagascar. Discovery Channel has a bloody documentary about this thing!
  5. Dead bodies become Soap! It's true! The fatty tissue and other putrefied shit in the body react chemically "soaponification" to become soap! And the soap is called... "Adipocere" - also known as grave wax. Apparently, the fatter the body, the more soap you get.
  6. There's this company in the US that'll take human remains and turn them into diamonds. Diamond is forever and so are you!
  7. This one doctor created a special table for people to die on and discovered that people lose 21 grams of weight after dying. "Weight of the soul" is what it's been referred to as. Some believe it. The rest believe it is bollocks.


Ro said...

when you die, i'll start a soap company by your grave. :D it should last me a lifetime!

Ranjan said...


mrinal said...
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mrinal said...

8. Just moments before you die, due to fear your body passes out any shit that is left...hence the phrase "Gand phatri a.k.a Gudha Chinigindhaa..!!" was coined

Sue said...

today, I was thinking about death and I came by your post... I like!