Saturday, April 18, 2009

7 things you’ve gotta gotta be partial to.

  1. Curls. Remember the fascination you had for Maggi noodles as a kid? How your mouth’d water at the sight of them sinful smoodles in the TV commercials? There’s nothing in the world like burying your face in a bunch of them. Oooooh! They bounce, they swing, and they sweep you off your feet! And why do they always move in slow motion? Damn!
  2. Black & White pictures. Nothing like them man. Want a makeover? Try your picture in BW!
  3. Himalayas! If you’ve been there, you’ll know exactly what I mean. I f you’ve not, go there! Pronto!
  4. Acoustic guitar. Ever wonder why the most listened to Nirvana tracks are the Unplugged ones? Oh not because those are the mp3s you have. Acoustic rocks man! It’s just so positive, so uplifting. Even with sorrow or dismay, it’s got a certain grace. Maybe like a woman. But there’s something about it man.
  5. Black the colour. Anywhere. Everywhere. It’s the colour to have, the one to be in. Every other colour has “significance”. Black, is just “there”.
  6. Typewriters. Yeah baby! Old, peeling, bent, yellow, olive green, red, whatever, if you have one, you’ve got pride written in QWERTY! Even better if it’s not written in QWERTY!
  7. Short skirts. Ahem, need I say more?


Rishad said...

where's my typewriter???
i was thinking about it... give it back!!

Hari said...

Rishad, you definitely don't deserve it back. You just left it to languish in dust and trash. Che! Anyway, I had it put in Santha's car. Check with her. See, I'm your saviour, again!

Sudhir Pai said...

I'll tell you what, Tori Amos performing an acoustic version of "smells like teen spirit", in a short skirt, of course! :D

Hari said...

That sounds Yum!

Sue said...


you can stuck and badly in curls... its like the black venture in and you are lost forever :P