Wednesday, February 25, 2009

7 things I miss most

1. My brother. And all the ridiculous arguments and fights I have with that moron.
2. All those cups of really bad coffee I used to have with her. And the absolutely inconsequential things we talked over all that bad coffee.
3. My unimaginably cocky enthu to do shit. It's there, but it's not as cocky as it used to be.
4. My love for my work. Just lost it. Can I find it back? Don't know. Don't fuckin know.
5. Those mountains. Bloody hell, those mountains.
6. My precious Oakleys. ^@#$ you Rao!
7. Sunday morning cartoons. Remember DuckTales and Talespin!!? Hell, yeah!


mrinal said...

dude i was actually wearing those oakleys when i read the blog...some kind of guilt made me remove those ...but again ...hell what the fuck...i put them back on...

ykiran said...

heyyyy...u forgot pruthvi dude...dont you miss him now?
How mean.

Sue said...

I miss sunday morning cartoons too...

wait I think I used to switch to Duck tales only in the commercial breaks between Chandrakanta :)