Monday, February 16, 2009

7 things that are best left hidden

1. Hickeys. Explain and you're screwed. Don't explain, you're still screwed.
2. Pink shirts. Need I say more?
3. Sunglasses, watches, i-pods, bags and new girlfriends. Particularly when you happen to have a bunch of morons for friends.
4. That one Mills & Boon you bought in 1995 out of sheer f%@#ing curiosity. Oh! How you regret that!
5. The rubber in your wallet. Damn that rubber in your wallet.
6. Your passwords. Even if its an emergency that's going to kill you in the next 2 minutes, not if it's your best friend from 20 years, not if your dick depended on it. Don't let it out. DON'T!
7. Your phone. And the messages on it. Take my advice, just delete them once you read them or write and send them. And hell! don't forget the trash! Just delete!!


whatmark said...

1. Amen!
2. Amen!
3. Amen!
4. Amen!
5. Amen!
6. Amen!
7. Amen!

Arif said...
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Arif said...
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Anonymous said...

1. Now I know why you wear 2 shirts all the way up to your ears (with the one on top usually unbuttoned - nice touch!)
2. I've seen in you in a magenta shirt - that's gay-er than a pink one - its pink and mauve mixed (both gay colours)
3. Doesn't matter - I'm happy if you're happy (but bags? really? you have more than 1 bag?)
4. Hehehehehe, I'm presuming 1995 was a time when you couldn't afford porn, literary passion was all you could live with. Also 2009 you're 14 years older, more sensitive, more romantic, more of a poof than you've ever been! Ha!
5. Is that from 1995 as well? No pratical value, but definitely one for nostalgia.
6. OK - this one you're spared (but its a bit disturbing to know that you WANT to trust your best friend from 20 years with your dick!)
7. OK - fair enough. But don't deprive people of entertainment. Even if it is naughty texts from one of those 1-400-IMHOT numbers!

Rishad said...

Hickeys??! haha.... I need not say anything. Amen is the right word!
2. Girlfriends....hmmmm
3. I shall go onto passwords...haha, but not trusting your friend..tsk tsk tsk

4.Messages- whose got them now?

whosblog said...
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Sue said...

love this post :)

my dirty messages to people have created trouble many a times i say !