Wednesday, February 18, 2009

7 things that must absolutely need an opinion

Ok this one is Bachhu's idea. And I think a damn good one. And by his demand, fence sitting is strictly prohibited. Coz he thinks, opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one.

1. The current economic slowdown
2. Fear - you either have it or you don't. If you don't fear anything else, but fear death (or a lizard) you're still a fear-er
3. Romantic Comedies
4. Fatafat
5. Documentaries/biographies
6. A slow dance
7. Sienna Miller


Hari said...

And by the way! Bachhu has dimples! Two of them! I'm sure you have an opinion about those too! And his phone number is (0)9985814***

Aah! You thought he was so easy, did you now!

Arif said...
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Arif said...

This comment's got nothing to do with 7 things but comments nonetheless.

1. Dimples
2. Dimple on one cheek
3. Dimple on the other cheek
4. Dimples on both the cheeks
5. Deep Dimples
6. More Deep Dimples
7. Bacchu's got them all!

Sue said...

baccchu is as easy as a rubix cube

and his dimples could beat sienna millers'

and i always wondered if he has got dimples on his butt cheeks as well, if yes - i am bookin him for tonight....

those three opinions should keep you goin for a while now

pruthvi said...

1.sienna miller
2.see-anna miller miller
4.shee'n miller
5.sienna mill-her
6.shee'n me 'll her